Miles of Smiles

We Make Memories that Last a Lifetime!

At Miles of Smiles, we know that planning a great celebration or event can be stressful and that takes away from the fun. And it certainly isn’t the memory you want to build for yourself.

And if the entertainment falls short of expectations, …..weeelllll….. need we say more?

Miles of Smiles is here to put the smile on your face and your guests for many years to come. “Remember when” is satisfying to say the least when you know people are happy because of the time and care you put into giving them a great time.

Whether it is for a birthday party for the young or old, a wedding, a shower, holiday party or corporate event, Miles of Smiles will give you plenty to smile about.

Our team of professionals comes with a smile, provides your guests with a smile and the smiles continue on for a long, long time.

Check out our service page for what we offer. If you need something and don’t see it, just ask, We aim to please and if we can help you find a specialty service, we certainly will!

A special word of thanks to Jess Demoss for the design of our Miles of Smiles Logo.   You can find his work at


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